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Enhance Classroom Teaching with our new suite of tools

Take your teaching to next level

Implement active learning with our 3D teaching board and comprehensive toolkit, including mind maps, topic synopsis and lesson plans

Evaluate students at every step in their learning journey

Continuously assess students with one-click AI-powered assignments and promote critical thinking with DIY activities and flashcards.

Technology & Innovation at the core

Together, AI and AR enables hands-on learning experiences, fostering deeper understanding, and critical thinking skills essential for success in the 21st century

LMS that works for you

Streamline daily operations with our Intuitive LMS Solution ranging from attendance tracking to fee management, empower teachers and administrators to drive success

Automated Student Performance Reports

Performance Dashboards facilitate comprehensive assessment of students and help teachers address knowledge gaps effectively

Our strategy, developed for teachers to Deliver impactful Classroom learning experiences

Technology Enabled classroom

Evaluations made simple

Analytics for Teachers

Collaborate towards improvement

Holistic student Development

Unlock limitless possibilities for your classroom

Active Learning

Bring creativity and intellectual curiosity for students

3D Digital Board

Teach complex concepts easily

AR/VR Labs

For safe experimentation & practical learning


Effortless track and evaluate student performance

24x7 Assistant

Harness the power of AI-driven tools

NEP 2020

Aligned as per NEP 2020 guidelines

Hear what our clients say about us

  • Game Changing technology for classroom teaching! We are so glad we invested in this technology

    Dr. B. Ebenezer,

    Principal, SVKM School

  • LearningPad Reality teaching has helped my students understand complex systems easily.

    Mrs. Mounica,

    Teacher,, SVKM School


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